• Scotts Rebate

    Scotts Rebate

    Save with Scotts Mail-In Rebate!

    Save $50 on 4-Step Program (15M). $199.99 - $50.00 = $149.99 (after rebate)

    Save $20 on 4-Step Program ( 5M).  $ 79.99 - $20.00 = $59.99 (after rebate)

  • Save Money with GRO-FINE!

    Save Money with GRO-FINE!

    Canton Road Garden Center's house brand is Gro-Fine.  

    Use the same fertilizer program as the owners! Save money!

    Gro-Fine - $139.99 (15M)

    Gro-Fine - $59.99 (5M) 

  • Moles are the culprit!

    Moles are the culprit!

    Do you have piles of dirt in your yard? How about tunnels in your lawn?

    Molemax with urea, humic acid and pelletized limestone not only repels moles but also speeds recovery of lawns, flower beds and gardens damaged by burrowing animals. Also utlilizes 20% caster oil for double the coverage of other mole repellents.

    $19.99 to cover 5,000 sq. ft. 

  • Prevent summer crabgrass!

    Prevent summer crabgrass!

    The easiest way to avoid crabgrass is to prevent it!

    Gro-Fine Crabgrass Preventer $44.99 (15M)

    Scotts Super Turf Builder $59.99 (15M)