• Potatoes are here!

    Potatoes are here!

    RED PONTIAC is a red skinned early main crop potato

    KENNEBEC is a fast growing potato that offers high yields

    KATHDIN is a medium white potato that offers good storage

    YUKON GOLD  is a large sweet tasting potato with a golden color

  • Plant Dahlia Bulbs Now!

    Plant Dahlia Bulbs Now!

     Get ready to have summer color with Dahlia Bulbs!

     We have a nice selection to choose from at Canton Road Garden Center.

  • Elephant Ears are Here!

    Elephant Ears are Here!

     You know those cool elephant ears that you like in the summer?

     Now is the time to plant them!  

     Elephant Ear Bulbs are here now at Canton Road Garden Center.

     Get them before they are gone!

  • Tropicals are here!

    Tropicals are here!

     See the large selection of Tropicals

     at Canton Road Garden Center.  

     Make your home paradise this summer!

  • Be Creative!

    Be Creative!

     This Soft Leaf Yucca is a great way to stand out in the neighborhood!

     See our large selection of tropicals at Canton Road Garden Center!

  • Paradise in your Backyard!

    Paradise in your Backyard!

    Come to Canton Road Garden Center and see our large selection of tropicals:  hisbiscus, mandevilla, dipladenia, gardenia and many more interesting plants to create some conversation in your neighborhood.