• Violas


    Violas and Pansies are good cold weather flowering plants. They survive well when the nighttime temperature drops. Violas and pansies bloom until it is hot and dry; they will bloom again in the fall.

  • Potatoes are here!

    Potatoes are here!

    RED PONTIAC is a red skinned early main crop potato

    KENNEBEC is a fast growing potato that offers high yields

    KATHDIN is a medium white potato that offers good storage

    YUKON GOLD  is a large sweet tasting potato with a golden color

    BLUE POTATO has a purple skin/flesh that becomes blue when cooked

  • Refresh Your Pots

    Refresh Your Pots

    Canton Road Garden Center offers lots of soil choices

    when it is time to refresh your pots this Spring.


  • Strawberries are here!

    Strawberries are here!

     A fun and delicious fruit to grow!

    June bearing strawberries offer large juicy fruit.

    Everbearing strawberries yield fruit all season.

    Start a new family tradition today!

  • CLOSED Easter Sunday

    CLOSED Easter Sunday

    Canton Road Garden Center will be closed on Sunday, April 20 for  Easter Sunday.

    Mom is planning an Easter Celebration Dinner for all the family! 

    Thanks, Mom!

  • Beautiful Easter Flowers

    Beautiful Easter Flowers

    Canton Road Garden Center has beautiful Easter Flowers, starting at $7.99!

    Surprise someone special with a lily, tulips, hyacinth or mum.

    Bring some Spring to someone this weekend!