• Violas


    Violas and Pansies are good cold weather flowering plants. They survive well when the nighttime temperature drops. Violas and pansies bloom until it is hot and dry; they will bloom again in the fall.

  • Potatoes are here!

    Potatoes are here!

    RED PONTIAC is a red skinned early main crop potato

    KENNEBEC is a fast growing potato that offers high yields

    KATHDIN is a medium white potato that offers good storage

    YUKON GOLD  is a large sweet tasting potato with a golden color

    BLUE POTATO has a purple skin/flesh that becomes blue when cooked

  • Refresh Your Pots

    Refresh Your Pots

    Canton Road Garden Center offers lots of soil choices

    when it is time to refresh your pots this Spring.


  • Transplanting Hostas

    Transplanting Hostas

    We spent the week transplanting fresh hostas to be ready for sale in late Spring/early Summer.

    This allows us to eliminate the middle man and pass our savings onto to you. 

  • Strawberries are here!

    Strawberries are here!

     A fun and delicious fruit to grow!

    June bearing strawberries offer large juicy fruit.

    Everbearing strawberries yield fruit all season.

    Start a new family tradition today!

  • Fountains are beautiful!

    Fountains are beautiful!

    Enjoy the serenity of our fountains.

    Canton Road Garden Center has a large selection of fountains.

    Choose yours today.

  • Statuary for your home!

    Statuary for your home!

    Choose from a large selection of statuary to

    personalize your home.