Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrub Nursery

Flowering shrubs can be evergreen or deciduous (they lose their leaves in the winter). If you plant an evergreen flowering shrub in a windy part of your yard, we suggest to spray with Wilt Proof around Thanksgiving. This puts a coat of wax over the foliage to prevent from drying out over winter. Bayer is also a great product to prevent any diseases or insects, especially the lace bug.

Canton Road Garden Center carries a large selection of flowering shrubs in its 3 acre nursery. Listed below are the tried and true; please call to see if your favorite flowering shrub is available.



Azaleas offer lots of color choices from white to pink to red to purple; purple azaleas are the hardiest.

Azalea Details

Azaleas offer lots of color choices from white to pink to red to purple; purple azaleas are the hardiest. Azaleas prefer the east side of your home because it offers protection from the west winter wind. Canton Road Garden Center suggests Holly Tone as the best organic fertilizer for azaleas to promote heavy blooms and dark green foliage.

Karen Azalea – purple

Cascade Azalea – white

Girard’s Crimson Azalea – red

Girard’s Fuschia Azalea – fuschia

Renee Michelle Azalea – pink

Rose Bud Azalea – double bloomer in pink

Exbury Azalea – deciduous azalea with bright blooms

Gibraltar Azalea – most popular, flame orange

Lemon Lights Azalea – yellow

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

Does what it says: attracts the butterflies. Plant in a sunny area for best blooms for butterflies.
Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush Details

Blue Chip Butterfly Bush – is the first miniature Butterfly Bush with fragrant violet blue flowers. This Proven Winner blooms from May to frost.

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush – the brightest reddish pink flower of any butterfly bush on this compact plant from Proven Winner

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush – rosy pink flower spikes for months of color

Black Knight Butterfly Bush – deep purple blue almost black flowers, blooms to the end of the season

Butterfly Magic Butterfly Bush – has three colors per pot: red purple, pink and white blooms.

White Profusion Butterfly Bush – is the hardiest of all white butterfly bushes



Great lobed foliage with late Spring flowers.

Diablo Details

Ninebark Diablo - well known for its three lobed leaves with different color foliage depending on variety. It has a creamy white bloom in June.

Little Devil Diablo - is the smallest variety of Ninebark. Grows 36” tall and 18” wide; is a great upright grower

Summer Sensation Diablo – an old school variety, fast growth, does well in moist soil with burgundy foliage and creamy white flowers.

Center Globe Diablo- striking new growth of bright rosy red leaves with a golden yellow center foliage matures to deep burgundy.



You know Spring has sprung when you see Forsythia blooming! Bright yellow flowers in early Spring and burgundy foliage in fall.

Forsythia Details

Lynwood Forsythia - is the most common, great for screens for early blooms and nice fall color.

Show Off Forsythia - is a great dwarf variety that will not overtake an area



Lilacs remind you of your grandmother’s back yard. Lilacs are an old time favorite. There are dwarf varieties that stay as small as 4’ to French varieties that get up to 40’.

Lilacs Details

Dwarf Korean Lilac – sweet fragnant small lavender blooms, its foliage is smaller and wavy.

Miss Kim Dwarf Lilac – sweet fragnant small lavender blooms with a traditional lilac leaf. Both have nice marroon foliage in the fall.

Common Lilac – an old time favorite; classic flowering shrub hightly fragnant lavender panicles in May

Krasavita Moskvy Lilac – double blooming white blossoms

President Grevy Lilac – fragrant double blue blooms

Sensation Lilac – bi color blooms with purple on the edge in white

James McFarlane Lilac – a late blooming lilac with true pink flowers



Magnolias is another early bloomer. Magnolias grow to different sizes.

Magnolias Details

Ann Magnolia – this tends to be the smallest for our zone with reddish purple flowers

Elizabeth Magnolia – this newer variety has beautiful yellow blooms in early Spring

Galaxy Magnolia – has a dark red purple flower, blooms later in the season after danger of frost for longer enjoyment of flowers

Sweet Bay Magnolia – very popular, very fragrant, blooms in summer with white flowers

PJM Rhododendron

PJM Rhododendron

PJM Rhododendron is a cross between a rhododendron and azalea
PJM Rhododendron

PJM Rhododendron Details

PJM Rhododendron is a cross between a rhododendron and azalea; it has azalea’s leaves and a rhododendron flower. It is an evergreen. PJM Rhododendrons bloom very early in the Spring.

PJM Elite Rhododendron - has lavender flowers

PJM Landmark Rhododendron - has pink flowers



Rhododendrons is a larger type variety of evergreens that bloom.

Rhododendrons Details

Rhododendrons is a larger type variety of evergreens that bloom. White rhododendrons tend to stay smaller in size while pinks and purples are more medium size growers. Red rhododendrons grow to be the largest in size.

Chionoides Rhododendron – white flowers

Boursalt Rhododendron – dark rose flowers

Lee Dark Purple Rhododendron – purple flowers

Nova Zemblema Rhododendron – red flowers

Roseum Elegans Rhododendron – lilac pink flowers

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a hardy hibiscus that is winter hardy for our zone.
Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon Details

Rose of Sharon is a hardy hibiscus that is winter hardy for our zone. Rose of Sharon blooma later in the season (in July). Proven Winners grow the best variety of rose of Sharon because many of the new varieties are seedless.

Blue Satin Rose of Sharon - is a Proven Winner with a rich single blue bloom

Blush Satin Rose of Sharon - is a Proven Winner with soft pink flowers accented with a deep red eye

Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon - is a Proven Winner with double pink flowers

Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon - is a Proven Winner with large single lavender flowers



Spireas bloom in late spring and, if trimmed quickly, will bloom later in the season.

Spireas Details

Magic Carpet Spirea – is a compact form with red new growth and pink flowers

Gold Mound Spirea – is a low mounded shrub with bright yellow foliage and pale pink flowers

Little Princess Spirea – bright green leaves with masses of pink flowers

Neon Flash Spirea – has vibrant red flowers with red new growth.

Snow Mound Spirea – clusters of white flowers covers the plants in the June



Offers white flowers in late spring with bright burgundy foliage in the fall. Viburnums are available in different varieties to suit your landscape. Some varieties are very fragrant.

Viburnums Details

Carlcephalum Viburnum – is known as the most fragrant of all viburnum.

Alleghany Viburnum – has leathery foliage and is a semi-evergreen, has nice fruit in the fall for the birds.

Summer Snowflake Viburnum – is a repeat bloomer, blooms in late spring and then again throughout summer



Weigelas are late spring bloomers with many different types of foliage; some foliage is variegated for great presence in your landscape.

Weigela Details

My Monet Weigela – small variety weiglia for any tight area. New growth comes out pink on top of green and white foliage, pink flowers in late spring.

Monet Sunset Weigela – another small variety with yellow and green leaves and pink flowers

Shining Sensation Weigela – Glossy burgundy foliage with pink flowers in a compact shrub

Gold Rush Weigela – is known for its gold and green leaves with light pink flowers

Wine & Roses Weigela – rosy pink flowers against dark foliage

Pink and Purple Flowering Shrub

Steve's Pro Tip: Flowering Shrubs

Rhododendrons should be trimmed after they are done blooming in late Spring. Trimming should only be approximately four inches of the new growth. Do not trim in the Fall as this is when new blooms are set.