Soil Conditioners

Soil Conditioners

Soil Conditioners enhance the soil to produce higher yield of produce or flowers. The better your soil equals the better your plants will grow.

Cow Manure

Organic fertilizer as well as a soil conditioner.

Garden Soil

Added to your flower beds or garden to enhance your soil; garden soil is convenient as it has all the soil enhancements needed.


Use with lawns with a lot of clay, loosens soil and offers aeration.


Sweetens the soil.

Peat Moss

Been around forever, retains moisture in your soil and offers fluffiness to keep the soil from compacting.


Aeration purpose, for heavier soil to stop compacting and offer drainage.

Sweet Peet

Organic soil conditioner as well as a mulch, excellent for weed control in flower beds and gardens.

Top Soil

No fertilizer component, used as a filler to build up your soil; should be cut with other soil conditioners.


Retains moisture, good for sandy or rocky soils to hold moisture.
Adam's Pro Tip: Soil Conditioners

Adam's Pro Tip: Soil Conditioners

Lime sweetens the soil for greener grass. If the soil is too acidic, grass will be off-color or thin. Grass likes a sweeter soil.